Rectangular Flower Pot 20" D52 Granite - Classic Line.

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  • Color: Granite.
  • Plant pot set include planting pots and matching tray, you can grow a variety of plants indoor or outdoors, such as orchid, snake plant, mint, parlor palm, devil’s ivy, cactus, aloe.
  • IDEAL GARDENING ITEMS - these large plastic planters for outdoor plants can be given to parents, grandparents and other people who like gardening, or you can use them yourself, or you can plant flowers, vegetables and fruits with your children to cultivate their hands-on ability.
  • Designed with solid and sturdy plastic construction, the tiny lattice pattern pot surface add a beautiful country style addition in your garden.
  • A removable tray collects excess water to prevent mess and protect desk or floor surface from stains.
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